The Center for the Study of Medical Assistance Canines offers coaching to professional dog trainers wanting to expand their practice and train service dogs.

How to become a medical assistance dog trainer

The work of a service dog trainer is to provide expert training to the dogs, but also to prepare and coach the people who will receive them. This is a career that involves both excellent dog and people skills.

Since service dogs need to learn behaviors at a very high level, trainers need to master the fundamentals of behavior and training. If you are considering a career in service dog training, it’s essential to first gain experience in pet dog training, then progress to specializing in the field of assistance dog training. 

Service dog trainers need to understand the different disabilities that they will be training the dogs to help with. It’s a rewarding yet challenging career that requires empathy, patience, understanding, and expertise. 

At the Center for the Study of Medical Assistance Canines, we offer courses that will fully prepare the trainers to train service dogs and coach people with disabilities. Our comprehensive program will provide all the tools and resources needed in order to train service dogs efficiently, professionally, and ethically. You will also learn about working with clients, understanding their needs, and helping them develop the skills that they will need to transfer and maintain their service dogs’ training.