Learn Pet Dog Training

Before you can train service dogs for people with disabilities, you need to know how to train pet dogs. Dog training, in general, requires learning about dog behavior. It’s also important to gain mechanical skills and master the fundamentals of classical and operant conditioning.

At the Center for the Study of Medical Assistance Canines, our focus is only on Service Dog training. We do not provide teachings on general dog training. Here are a few programs that we recommend for pet dog training.

Online from anywhere

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The Academy for Dog Trainers

Founded by world-renowned dog expert, Jean Donaldson Ph.D., the Academy for Dog Trainers is a virtual university for dog trainers. This online teaching program is more advanced than most and takes two years to complete.

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Karen Pryor Academy

The Karen Pryor Academy offers quality courses and has excellent teachers on staff with ken Ramirez as the chief training officer. They have several online options for those who don't live in the US.

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Victoria Stillwell Academy

Founded, developed, and taught by celebrity trainer Victoria Stillwell, The advisory board is led by experts in the field of dog training and the academy offers quality online options.