Scent samples

To teach the dog to alert to a person’s medical or mental crisis (diabetes, seizure, anxiety or panic attack, migraine, etc.), you will need scent samples. We collect those samples on cotton balls and store them in resealable ziplock bags. You will need samples from the episode “Hot” as well as “Normal” samples.

Tins for scent samples

For scent work, you’ll need several 1 or 2 oz aluminum tins to put your samples in. These tins can be found easily on Once you have the tins, make 5-8 holes in the lid, using a nail and hammer. 

Electrical tape or duck tape

To transfer the Poke from the target stick to your body, you’ll need tape. It’s best if the tape is easily visible to the dog, so colors that contrast with your clothes and that are visible by the dog’s eye, like yellow, work best.


To teach the behaviors “Heel” and “Side”, we use a platform. You’ll need a platform that is about 2-4 inches thick and just big enough for the to stand on. We often use insulation boards from a hardware store that we cut to size.


To teach the dog to use a button that will call for help, we start with cheaper play buttons that will provide the pressure and feedback to the dog and to the trainers. 



To teach the dog to retrieve objects, you will need a dumbbell. There are different sizes so you’ll need to make sure to adapt this to the dog you are working with. Most dogs, Labrador size, will require a medium size. 

Small bag with handle

Some clients will need the dog to retrieve medication, an inhaler, a glucose monitor or other device. you will need to train the dog to grab a small bag by a handle as we will make sure the dog does not damage what is inside the bag.