Learn how to be a service dog trainer specialized in medical alert

From selecting a dog to training and working with clients - a comprehensive course with all you need to get started


This course offers everything you will need to get started as a service dog trainer specialized in medical detection. Even though all our classes are through Zoom, this is a hands-on, practical course. You will learn how to select and train a dog from A-Z. We’ll meet once a week online, but you must be able to dedicate at least 3 hours a week for the practical assignments between classes.

This class will cover all the material for Assistance Dogs Training, from dog selection to working with clients and over 30 behaviors trained:

  • How to select and assess dogs to train as a service dog.
  • Service dog training foundational behaviors
  • Intermediate training and going out in public.
  • Assistance Dogs Training Advanced.
  • Specialized training for disabilities such as diabetes, seizures, autism spectrum, and psychiatric disorders.
  • Selection and matching dogs and clients.
  • Working with clients before, during, and after placement.


CMAC Certificate


  • 38 hours of live teaching sessions
  • Required access to a dog to train as a service dog.
  • Information-packed practical teaching with written and video assignments.
  • Best suitable for intermediate to advanced dog trainers.
  • Practical assignments at the end of every session.
  • Practical learning experience with live project work and examples.
  • A complete system for record-keeping and assessing dogs.

Total cost $3,500.00

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