Upcoming workshop

Canine Cognition Testing Seminar

March 18, 19 & 20th 2022

At the Medical Mutts Service Dog Training Facility, 6120 Allisonville Rd. Indianapolis IN 46220

Instructor: Cameron Ford

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  • Working spot: $400
  • Auditor spot: $300

Learn how cognition testing can enhance your knowledge about the dog in front of you. These cognition tests (brain games) will help you learn crucial information such as if your dog is strong in memory if he is a problem solver, how quickly he makes inferences, how easily he follows gestural communication, and your dogs’ laterality. These tests can even help law enforcement agencies and security firms select better, more trainable working K-9s.

This seminar is for everyone: whether you are a professional dog trainer in scent detection looking to enhance how you select dogs, or a nose/scent work handler or trainer trying to understand the dog you have.

About Cameron Ford

United States Military Veteran Cameron Ford is the current Owner and Chief Instructor / Master Trainer of the Las Vegas, Nevada-based Ford K9 LLC (NV. PILB #2914), one of the leading educational institutes in the K9 detection dog training industry.

Cameron Ford has worked with and trained dogs for the best programs in the world from Sr. Trainer for a U.S. Navy SEAL dog program to being a Police/SWAT K-9 Handler, & a National Level Police K-9 Evaluator. Add on his collaboration and research with Duke University and Texas Tech University Canine Olfaction Laboratory.

His approach is based on knowledge from partnerships with Duke University, Texas Tech University, SciK9, and more. This allows them to provide dogs and humans alike with the most well-rounded education in the industry.

Check out this podcast (episode #20) where Cameron get’s interviewed.

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This is an amazing opportunity to learn about the latest cognition testing methods whether you test working dogs or want to know more about your own scent detection dog.

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